Three Common Residential Plumbing Issues in Langley

June 16th 2021

Valleyshore Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is a residential plumbing and heating company servicing Langley and the Lower Mainland. We take care of all kinds of plumbing-related issues, from indoor to outdoor plumbing, to plumbing system evaluations, inspections, and repairs. Again and again, we come across the same residential plumbing issues in Langley and throughout the Lower Mainland. Knowing what they are may help you avoid them and/or learn how to fix them. Here are three common problems and tips on how to deal with them.

Plugged Toilets & Drains

Does your water take a long time to drain after you do the dishes? Does it build up as you are showering forming a puddle around your feet? Does your toilet seem sluggish when you flush or is the water backing up a little, or even worse, overflowing? These are signs of clogged pipes, which are caused by something plugging up your drain either partially or completely. There are ways to avoid the issue, or ways to fix it if you’re past the point of avoiding it.

How to Avoid

Only flush things down the drain that will dissolve. No hair, no chewing gum, no leftovers, no oil, no toys (keep an eye on children as they love to flush things down the toilet). Use a hair catcher in your shower so you can safely collect and dispose of loose strands.

How to Fix

No home is complete without a plunger. They work on both toilets and drains and can help loosen clogs. Place open end of the plunger over the drain. Then, move it up and down, creating suction. If you manage to draw the blockage up, grab a pair of pliers or tweezers, grab it, and remove it. For deeper clogs, plumbing snakes are a valuable tool – available at many hardware stores.

When in Doubt

If you’re having trouble removing the blockage on your own or it is repeatedly clogging, it may be time to call in the professionals. Using chemical drain cleaners can damage your pipes, so they are not recommended for prolonged or repeated use. Rather than taking the chance, call Valleyshore Plumbing for a free estimate.

Backed Up Sewer

If a number of your household drains are backing up and you notice a noxious sewer smell, your sewer system may be backing up. It’s possible the blockage is located on your property, or it could be further out on public property. This problem has a number of causes, and in all likelihood, will require professional help.

Call a Plumber

It doesn’t cost anything to call a plumber for a bit of advice.

Possible Problems

If your main sewer line is plugged, it is possible something was flushed down your drain that shouldn’t be. It could also be that tree roots have invaded – definitely a job for the pros. It could also be that old sewer lines have collapsed. Replacing the pipes should help avoid future problems.

How to Avoid

Sometimes sewer back-ups are out of your control, but there are things you can do to minimize your chances. Never flush items like diapers, wipes, napkins, or grease down your drain. Even if flushing them doesn’t cause a problem instantly, over time it will cause problems. Also, make sure catch basins (also known as storm drains) that are close to your home are free of debris. This will help prevent rainfall or melting snow from backing up and causing potential flooding problems.

No Hot Water

Perhaps you’re just coming in after a long day looking forward to a nice hot shower when you get a chilly surprise. No hot water. This can be caused by several things – your pilot light may have gone out, your thermostat may be shot, or you may have a build-up of sediment in your tank.

Find the Issue

If you have a gas water heater, check if your pilot light has gone out. If that’s not it, consider that you may have sediment in your tank. If there is a puddle of water on the floor, chances are you have a leaky tank.

How to Fix It

If the pilot light is the problem, simply relight it. An easy fix. If you think that sediment is the issue, draining the water tank to flush it out should correct the problem. If you have a leaky tank, the time has come to call a plumber.

These are just three common plumbing problems in our area. Valleyshore Plumbing can help you diagnose and fix all of these problems and more. We offer free estimates, providing you with the information ahead of time to ensure the services you require not only work with your budget but with your time too. By providing up-front honesty, consistently delivering affordable quality services and products and utilizing our years of expertise in the industry, we make it our duty to ensure our Langley and Lower Mainland customers are comfortable in their homes. Check out our Langley Plumbing Services to find out more ways we can help.

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