Our Repair Plumbing Services in Langley BC

May 19th 2022

Valleyshore Plumbing is a provider of plumbing repair services in Langley BC and is committed to helping their clients save time and money on their plumbing by doing it right the first time. There are times where things can go wrong, and it is the duty of the plumber to ensure their repairs solve the issue. Here are some of the repair plumbing services Valleyshore Plumbing offers:

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters are complex appliances that either run on electricity or natural gas. Water heaters can suffer from a handful of malfunctions including low water pressure and low heat. After 10 years, water heaters need to be replaced, but if yours is younger than that and has been causing you issues, give us a call to check it out.

Faucet Replacement and Repair

Over time, you may want to upgrade existing faucets to give new life to an old bathroom. Or you might have a broken or malfunctioning faucet that needs repairs. Replacing or repairing a faucet with old piping and upgrading to more current pipes is a technical challenge, resulting in damage done unintentionally. Additionally, in the process of repairs or replacements, you may not notice other issues that need attention. Rather than risking a potentially expensive repair, let us repair or replace your faucets.

Frozen and Broken Pipe Repair

Throughout the Lower Mainland, it can be expected that your water pipes will experience highs and lows in temperature. The extreme lows are where your problems arise, as traditional pipes freeze, expand and burst. Replacing a burst pipe is our specialty, and we will help identify the leak and repair it in a timely manner. Also, should you accidentally damage your water lines during routine yard work, we can help with that too.

Toilet Replacement and Repair

Toilets are a touchy fixture in any home. From the fragile wax ring to the water lines in and the sewage line out, there are a lot of moving pieces. If any one of them fails, your toilet will not function properly. If you suspect an issue with your toilet, like a leak you can’t mend or an old or broken toilet that simply needs replacement, we can help diagnose and reinstall your toilet properly. Give us a call, and we can schedule you as soon as possible.

Call a Professional

Valleyshore Plumbing is committed to keeping your home or business up and running. We have experienced plumbers who are fully licensed and ready to take your call. Give us a call for a quote!

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