How To Troubleshoot Low Water Pressure in your Shower

August 20th 2021

For homeowners, most problems with your plumbing are best left to a professional to fix. But, before you start shutting off the water lines, searching the internet, or panicking to find a plumber, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot. Valleyshore Plumbing is a Langley plumber and would like to help you before you even need them by giving you expert advice on how to troubleshoot low water pressure in your shower.

In the shower

If your shower head is lacking a powerful flow, the issue may be the shower head. Simply unscrew the nozzle and look for mineral buildup. If it’s clogged, soak it in a vinegar/water solution. If that still doesn’t work, head to your local hardware store and replace it, they are inexpensive. If the shower head is off and the water pressure is still low, there may be a clog in the water line. Clogged lines should be handled by a plumber.

I have cold pressure, but not hot

If your water pressure is temperature specific, and you have cold pressure, but not hot, your hot water heater is normally to blame. Examine the areas where the hot-water lines run in the house. If you see any signs of leaks, call a plumber immediately. Then, take a look at the valve adjusting the flow of hot water throughout the house. If it is open, or adjusting it does nothing, it’s time to call a plumber to diagnose the problem.


Valleyshore Plumbing is committed to helping you with your plumbing needs. Sometimes, the cause of low water pressure in your shower is deeper than you thought or are able to handle without the right tools and experience. If you need help, check out our Plumbing services and schedule an appointment with our plumber today.

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