How To Fix a Leaky Pipe Without Replacing It

April 9th 2021

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Leaky pipes cause a drop in water pressure and increase your water bills apart from causing expensive structural and cosmetic damage. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S., the fungi resulting from the hazardous mold and mildew growth from water leakage results in various illnesses and symptoms, including nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing and throat infection.

Following are the few ways in which you can fix a leaky pipe without replacing it:

Epoxy Putty

Also called metal plasticine or adhesive metal, based on the epoxy resin, can be flexibly used and modelled for permanently repairing minor leaks. It forms a bond as hard as steel and can set even on damp surfaces and underwater.

• Turn off the water supply.
• Drain the water pipes completely.
• Ensure the area to be patched is clean and dry.
• Use latex or nitrile gloves to prevent skin irritation.
• Knead the putty for application.
• Mould it around the leaky area.
• Make a layer 0.5 inch (or 1.3 cms) thick to ensure a water-tight seal.
• Turn on water taps after 5 mins of allowing it to set in.


These are used to repair a more extensive rupture in the pipe, which cannot usually be corrected using epoxy putty. Clamps work on PVC and copper pipes. When used along-side a rubber gasket, it makes the connection water-tight. Clamp being a temporary fix, the line might need replacement or professional repair at a later stage.

• Get a clamp of the same size as the leaking pipe.
• Turn off the water supply and drain off the pipes.
• Place the rubber gasket over the leaking portion to cover it completely.
• Fit the clamp over the gasket and tighten the bolts.
• Use a wrench, tighten till bolts enough to hold the clamp in place.
• Turn on the water supply and observe for any leakage.

Silicone Tape

It is a self-fusing tape used as an easy remedy on low-pressure leaking lines. It takes under 24 hours to form a seal and stretch to 3x times its length to enable overlapping passes on the leak area and add tension to tight seals. It prevents corrosion and can withstand saltwater, fuels and acids.

• Shut off the water supply to prevent further leakage.
• Dry to area and read manufacturer instructions on tape packaging.
• Activate the tape and wrap around the leaking area.
• Make multiple passes around and leave it for 24 hours to ensure proper fusion.
• Useful for use on fittings due to ease of use and relatively better aesthetics.

Slip Coupling

They are small water-tight connections used to repair a pipe leak due to corrosion or freeze bursting, or temporarily cut. It is called a slip coupling since it is made without an internal stop which helps it slip into tight locations. They can be a permanent solution to leaky problems.

• Buy a slip coupling with the same diameter as the pipe to be fixed.
• It should be long enough to cover the cut portion of the leaky pipe.
• It should be of the same material (PVC or Copper) as that of the pipe.
• Mark the affected area of the pipe that needs to be cut out.
• Use a pipe cutter to cut out the leaky area by using it repeatedly on marked lines.
• Reshape the inside and outside of the cut edges by scraping them with a deburring tool.
• Slide the coupling on one side of the pipe, line it with the other side and pull it over to connect the two tubes.
• Use a wrench to tighten the coupling for a smooth flow without leakage.

Sometimes these fixes can be hard to execute without prior experience or prove unnecessarily tricky due to a lack of proper tools. Buying the required tools might be expensive, and the result might still be short of expectations. On occasions, these fixes might only be temporary. If you need professional work done or a pipe replacement, call Valleyshore Plumbing and Heating Ltd. We can also inspect and evaluate if there may be more potentially leaky pipes in your home too. Our services also include Water Systems Repair and Replacement, Indoor and Outdoor plumbing, Furnace and Boiler Service and Repair.

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