How To Find Water Shut Off Outside

December 28th 2020

The interior of a house is typically the focus when it comes to a home. With theme decor and one’s individuals taste applied within, our attention is focused on the appeal of the home, rather than the inner workings of the home, such as the plumbing.


The waterworks of a home, however, are usually unseen and usually not often thought about but can certainly be a potential hazard if a homeowner is unaware of shut off valve locations and if these valves are neglected of routine inspection & maintenance. Unfortunately, most of us at some point of others will eventually endure the unpleasantness of a water leak, plumbing mishap, or water-related damage to our home or belongings which may of be avoidable in the first place by having the ability to shut off the main water supply.


Homeowners need to be on their toes when it comes to understanding the workings of the water supply systems within the home to decrease the chances of water-related issues. From ruptured pipes to broken water faucets, being prepared to handle such emergencies will allow you to have the best control over the situation and avoid a plumbing catastrophe. This will reduce the overall damages & expenses until help arrives.


Knowing the location of your home's water shut-off valve is essential and could very well cease a plumbing disaster before it has a chance to create havoc in your home.


Locating Your Home’s Water Shut Off Valves


Most homes have two water shut off valve locations. One water shut off valve is typically found indoors and is mostly found in the area where the main water supply line enters the home. A quick walkthrough of your home should reveal the location of the indoor valves.


The second valve will be the city curb stop valve. This valve is strictly for emergencies and should be turned off by your municipal city workers. But just knowing where that valve is located can save critical time for your plumber or city worker to turn off in the event of an emergency.


For well systems, the main house shut off valve is typically located on the outlet side of the pressure tank. In the event of a pipe burst it is good to turn the main valve off at the pressure tank, and then switch the power off to the good pump.


If by chance you are unable to find the location of your homes shut off valve, it is recommended to contact a professional plumber who has the knowledge and experience in locating underground water lines and shut off valves.


Another useful resource for locating the outside water shut off valve is to contact your local city's water municipality department. The city will be able to locate the city curb stop if the valve cover has been buried. They will do an on-site inspection to locate it.


It is crucial to know the locations of these valves and to have them checked regularly, by either yourself or a hired professional. This will undoubtedly keep you well ahead of potential plumbing disasters which will save your valuables from being destroyed, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

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