5 Common Boiler Repair Needs

December 28th 2020

Valleyshore Plumbing & Heating, located in Langley British Columbia, is an established plumbing and heating company that specializes in all aspects of heating, cooling - including boiler installations and repair services.


With over ten years of experience in the industry, Valleyshore can offer the highest quality of professionalism, skill, and knowledge with boiler system repair services by utilizing the excellent workmanship performed by Ben Richardson, a fully bonded, licensed, and Red Seal certified plumber/gas fitter.


Boiler systems have many significant advantages when it comes to heating as they usually require fewer repairs in comparison to furnaces and heat pump systems. The reason behind this is that boiler systems require fewer moving parts to circulate hot water to radiators throughout a home or business.


Although you can expect a general life span of 20 years from a quality boiler system, there will be times when the system needs maintenance and/or repair for optimal operation.


5 Common Boiler Repair Needs


Burnt-Out Elements

Although this only applies to electric boiler systems, it's a very common issue with such a system.


The most common boilers have a two-element system inside and if one of those elements burns out, the boiler will be unable to produce the desired water temperature.

Even though it’s highly unlikely, it’s possible that both elements can burn out at the same time, leaving you with nothing but cold water.


Repair or Replacement of the Circulation Pump

The circulation pump handles all the movement of hot water from the tank to all the piping throughout the home or business.


This mechanical component of a boiler will, over time, degrade and need either repair or replacement to restore and maximize the operation of the boiler.


Luckily, the repair or replacement of this pump is a straightforward job for professionals.


Tank Flushing

On average, most boiler systems require flushing every few months or so to remove sediment, rust, and limescale that settle at the bottom of the tank. Leaving that buildup in the tank reduces efficiency as it restricts the system’s ability to heat water. A prolonged build-up of sediment can also pose the risk of the boiler overheating or developing corrosion, resulting in bigger and much more expensive issues in the long run.


Sealing Leaks

One of the most common troubles a boiler can encounter is leaks from old pipes – often caused by corrosion of joints. Corrosion in joints and connections usually stems from low-quality initial installation, which will result in the system not being watertight and allowing for the oxidization and corrosion process to occur.


Leaks can lead to extremely expensive water damage to your home in addition to the boiler losing its heating capability.


Expansion Tank Repair

The small cylindrical tank in your boiler system, which is attached to a pressure cage on top of the boilers water tank, is the expansion tank. This is what maintains the water pressure inside the boiler. It prevents the pressure from spiking which can lead to numerous problems if the membrane within the expansion tank breaks.

This type of issue requires a trained professional to handle the repair as it poses potential dangers.


These are just a few examples of the most common possible repairs and issues that boiler systems will likely endure during their lifespan.


Having a system professionally installed, annually inspected, and professionally repaired, will help reduce potential undiscovered issues from becoming dangerous or expensive - as well as saving your pocketbook from avoidable expenses.


Read more about how annual inspections of your boiler system can save you money, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your system.


Be sure to get in touch with one of our team members today to explore which boiler system is right for you, book a boiler inspection, or to inquire about all the quality services provided at Valleyshore Plumbing & Heating.

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